How to Disable GPU Acceleration on Chrome

How to Disable GPU Acceleration on Chrome
GPU with Web Browser

Sometimes when you use a web browser video function and got weird result, often the issue that come from GPU which working with the web Browser (Hardware Accelerator). Disabling the GPU is the best way to work around.  I have 3 ways to disable it.

Check GPU status

You can check if Chrome enable GPU by type chrome://gpu at Browser's URL, then find out "Video Acceleration Information"

Method 1 - Chrome setting

  1. open chrome setting (or chrome://settings)
  2. click at "System" tab
  3. untick "Use hardware acceleration when available"
  4. click relaunch

Method 2 - Chrome CLI

  1. use windows run (windows + R) or open command prompt, windows power shell
  2. open chrome with command chrome.exe --disable-gpu --disable-accelerated-video-encode

Method 3 - Advance config

  1. open chrome then chrome://flags/
  2. fine "Hardware-accelerated video encode" then disable it
  3. reopen browser

Double check if GPU disabled

Type about://gpu at borwser. You should see "Video Encode: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled", also "Video Acceleration Information" shuld blank as well.