Low-latency video streaming

Low-latency video streaming

This just collected some video of my low-latency streaming that I worked around 2016 - 2017.  I use the solutions for Live concert (multi stage), video conference, product opening, etc...

4K livestreaming low latency (2017)

note that time

  • video encoder (right screen) then output to kirz ISP
  • streaming server located at kirz ISP
  • player (left monitor) use TRUE (another internet provider)
  • let pause, then see how many diff time

nginx-rtmp optimized (2017)

Low latency testing (Full HD, 1080p)

note that time:
Left monitor - video player, use internet from "TOT" (ISP)
Right monitor - send video, use internet from "TRUE" (ISP)

RTMP Low-latency (2016)

note that time:
Although WebRTC is great for low-latency (300 - 500ms).
It have some limitation of audio quality. 30 KHz is good for voice or speech conference, but not for music quality. So may be RTMP still work for now. 1 second of delay is acceptable.
I use mobile phone to capture, also I should use time meter but I have no time. sorry for that.