VR 360 Live Streaming

VR 360 Live Streaming

This is some of my VR work around 2015 - 2017. so don't compare with today tech. This is just my note and memories :)

Actually, First time that I work about VR is around 2008 at company name Iwane Labs. They do something like google street view. This quite innovation in that time.

VR 360 live streaming, around 2016

My first VR 360 Live streaming is around March 2016, before Youtube launch VR 360 feature on music festival event name Coachella (April 2016)

First VR 360 Livestreaming in Thailand

Equipment on that time is not good as today. You need 360 Degree Panorama Mount Rig with 6x GoPro, Capture card, Stitching software  (VahanaVR, First Live VR stitching) and High performance notebook