Wowza 4.7.7 Released

Wowza 4.7.7  Released

New feature

  • WebRTC - fully supported!
  • nDVR enhancements for MPEG-DASH

Changed Log

Changes since 4.7.6 release

  • Fixed an issue where content in DVR stores that use custom chunk ID handlers was not being purged correctly.
  • Updated AAC type detection to use extended flags when present.
  • Added a detectAACExtension field (default = true, meaning extended detection is enabled).
  • Updated OPTIONS to send the Content-Length header for all requests.
  • Updated RTP ingestion to support PCMA 8kHz audio.
  • Fixed an issue where Media Cache could not handle large files hosted on Google Cloud Storage.
  • Replaced the log4j file appender DailyRollingFileAppender with WowzaDailyRollingFileAppender (now the default appender). The new appender preserves the .log file extension when appending the DatePattern (for example: wowzastreamingengine_access.[date].log instead of wowzastreamingengine_access.log.[date]).
  • In the Wowza Streaming Engine Server-side Java API Reference, updated the description of the getPublishFramerateVideo(int source) method in IMediaStream.

Stream Targets (Push Publishing)

  • Akamai stream targets
  • Fixed an Akamai DASH stream target issue where chunk file pushes fail when multiple sessions push the same MPEG DASH stream, such as when a single Akamai DASH target pushes redundantly or when multiple Akamai DASH targets push the same stream to different Akamai stream IDs.
  • Fixed an issue with the legacy adaptiveGroups Akamai stream target parameter that prevented adaptive group playlists/manifests from being pushed to Akamai.
  • Fixed an issue with Akamai HLS stream targets that prevented audio-only and video-only streams from working properly when the "audioonly" or "videoonly" options are used in the cupertino.renditions target parameter.

Live Stream DVR Playback (Wowza nDVR)

  • Improved nDVR time index search to compensate for irregular time gaps.

Live Stream Encoding, Transcoding, and Transrating

  • Updated the MediaReaderH264 class to correctly generate codec information for Opus when using the transcoder.

MPEG-DASH Streaming

  • Significantly improved response times for MPEG-DASH DVR segment and Media Presentation Description requests.
  • Changed the default video timescale for MPEG-DASH DVR to 1000 milliseconds to eliminate rounding errors in the MPD segmentTimeline and in the earliestPresentationTime in the DASH video segments.


  • Updated WebRTC configuration to have its own block inside of Application.xml.
  • Fixed an issue where WebRTC UDP session objects were not being destroyed correctly.
  • Added a WebRTC configuration REST API endpoint:
  • Basic configuration endpoint: /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/webrtc
  • Advanced configuration endpoint: /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/webrtc/adv